Etowah High School

This article should be more citations for verification. Please help us improve this article, citations of reliable sources. Hardware promotional can be challenged and removed. This section cites no sources or references. Please help us improve this section of citations from reliable sources. Hardware promotional can be challenged and removed. Throughout my life, I forced schools to move each year. But never in my life, I have an incredible school. I feel like Etowah high a second home for me. Everyone there is so nice. Initially, if in the next year went to lose. Etowah, do. Posted by student. I think you need to play the date or something with a catchy melody/rhythm, the music of band fanfare EHS! Each year, it's the same old song of the previous year. for example: Hey baby, land of 1000 dances, etc. , I mean God God ' after a time all this is old and played on the side, after once again must support the music! ' Vista seen from dance bands in the bleachers and I would like to see Etowah high school band, to do the same. Dance, dance is simply very in demand? Posted by student. My daughter visited the Etowah high school, and my son is entering high school etowah high school this year. We are very satisfied with the school and staff. Teachers are friendly and attentive and put to update the text. We can not any better school for our children issues. We have 2 small children, also assisted by EHS. -Presented by a parent. I would like to say that I am the father of Texas with his daughter, who was moved when he was 11. I recommend h. s. e. to all parents who want their child to a good education. My son and a daughter, both teachers now and with the help of the excellent education and care body and h. s really has a good effect on my kids. -Presented by a parent. I think that the high school Etowha is a wonderful Institution of learning and prior to any other school, if he had the chance. He was a member of the JROTC program, which was wonderful. I would like this program has all the schools. If they did, it would be nice. -Posted by a former student. Etowah made my daughter and my son. She loved the school, the teachers were very ready for the school-presented by a parent. My son Abitur in Etowah. We moved to Texas, when my daughter was in the second half of home-shopping in e. h. S, if we went with him enrolled in the new school ' t has any class, so that you can get. All subjects were ready, who had a school in Texas ready to offer S. in e. H, were the themes so that you can get. E. h. had prepared my two children at the school of s. - sent by a parent to,. .